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Summery dishes - feat. Cashew Blue

Roasted beetroot and Cashew Blue salad

Raw beetroot and Cashew Blue appetizer.

Watermelon, mint and Cashew Blue salad

I wouldn't call these "recipes" as there isn't much cooking involved but these are tasty ideas to use your Cashew Blue wedge during the summer.

Roasted beetroot & Cashew Blue salad.

Plate your favorite tender leaves (mixed or baby spinach work great), top with roasted cubed beetroot, crumbled Cashew Blue, and roasted hazelnuts for crunch. Sprinkle sea salt flakes and freshly cracked black pepper. Dress with extra virgin olive oil and pomegranate molasses or balsamic glaze for sweetness - it helps balance the saltiness of the cheese and the earthiness of the beetroot. Add some fresh edible flowers if you like and have any on hand. Enjoy!

Raw beetroot and Cashew Blue appetizer.

Pick small beetroots for this one, it'll taste and look nicer. Slice them thin with a mandolin. Make a lasagna tower of sorts adding Cashew Blue to every layer. Top with your favorite seeds, pepper, evoo and pomegranate molasses. Enjoy as an appetizer with chilled white or rosé wine.

Watermelon, mint and Cashew Blue salad

This one was actually suggested to me by a Cashew Blue fan, thanks Pete! So, cubed watermelon (try to get rid of the seeds if they bother you - taking them out bothered me more! hahaha), roughly chopped mint leaves, sliced radishes (optional), Cashew Blue crumbs. Season lightly with extra virgin olive oil and black pepper.

And for a super easy one, this perfect sweet and savory combo: Cashew Blue stuffed Medjool dates. I drizzled some vegan honey over these but you can sub for agave or simply omit it. Fresh herbs such as thyme work great on these as well.

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