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Cashew e Pepe beans on toast

This comes together in 10 minutes, making it the perfect WFH lunch or a part of your weekend brunch.

It’s creamy, cheesy, super filling and adaptable (and GF if you just use your favorite GF bread 🙌). I know I’m biased but I urge you to give this a go; it’s oh-so satisfying 🤤

Let me know if you make it 😊

🌱 Ingredients: (serves 2 with no sides or 4 alongside a side)

1 tin butter beans (or cannellini or chickpeas) drained - save your aquafaba for mousse or mayo or some other preparation

2 tbsp olive oil plus evoo for serving

1 tsp miso

3/4 to 1 cup 🌱 milk (I used soy but oat would work too) - depends on how saucy you want it 😈

1/3-1/2 wedge Cashew e Pepe - according to taste, try and add more if you feel it needs more

2 tbsp nooch to amp up the cheesy flavor

A couple of handfuls kale or spinach (optional)

Salt to taste

4/2 slices of sourdough (depends on the size of your bread)

1 garlic clove (optional)

Pumpkin seeds

👩🏻‍🍳 How to:

In a skillet over medium to high heat add 2 tbsp olive oil and the beans. Add the milk and miso and mix until combined. Allow the beans to warm up and then add the Cashew e Pepe - crumbled or grated so it’ll get thoroughly mixed. While it gets hot, pop your sourdough slices in the toaster.

Once they’re ready, rub each one on one side with garlic 🧄 (optional but adds a nice flavor layer)

Mix in your leaves 🍃 of choice with the beans until just wilted and serve over your toast. Top with pumpkin seeds for crunch and nutrition, more crumbled Cashew e Pepe and a drizzle of evoo.

Enjoy! 🍴👌🌱🧀 ✨

You can add tofu to it if you want to add some more protein as well 😉

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