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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

All your cheesy goodies are shipped using Tracked24 Royal Mail service. You'll get your tracking number to know where your order is and when it'll be delivered. Please allow up to 10 working days for your order to be made.  


We use frozen gel packs to keep your cheeses nice and cool but please refrigerate them asap after receiving them. The gel packs can either be reused or simply drain the non-toxic contents (not in your kitchen sink though) and recycle the plastic liner.


We use recycled/recyclable/reused materials to ship your orders. We sometimes get sent bubble wrap which we reuse when packaging our orders. We have never and will never purchase bubble wrap. 

Return & Exchange Policy

We are not held responsible for any orders in which the delivery address has been written incorrectly or if the customer is not able to receive the items on the day of delivery (unless the customer has requested a change in delivery date or address prior to shipment).

Deliveries are fulfilled via next-day courier service due to the nature of the product - it must be kept cold and the ice packs will only hold up for the duration of the delivery. We are not responsible for any products that have gone off as a result of not refrigerating within the time suggested.

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