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Cashew e pepe pasta (vegan Cacio e pepe)

Pronounced "ka-choh eh peh-peh" it’s a Roman pasta dish that translates literally to “cheese and pepper”. The simple dish consists of spaghetti, black pepper and Pecorino Romano; this is a kinder but equally tasty version. 😋 🌱 💚

Cacio e Pepe lightly coats the pasta, it's not saucy nor heavy and thus is perfect to have as part of a bigger meal 😉

Serves 2

🍝 2 BIG handfuls of your fave pasta - short or long pasta is fine (FYI Cacio e pepe is traditionally made with Tonnarelli, a square long pasta.)

🧀 70 grams of Cashew e Pepe

💦 1/4 salted pasta cooking water

Cook the pasta following the package instructions. In the meantime, break up the Cashew e Pepe, add 1/4 cup of the pasta cooking water and mash it into a cream.

Once the pasta is a minute away from being ready, drain it and put it back in the saucepan over low heat. Add the Cashew e Pepe cream and mix until all the pasta is coated. Serve and top with Gratta Vegano. Enjoy!

This is a very adaptable dish and you can add tofu, chick’n bites, spinach, or even white beans or chickpeas. Just mix them when you add the cream to the pasta.

It’s that easy and it’s yum! 💚

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